Tuesday, July 20, 2010

This is what they do for Fun in Wisconsin!

Sunday we went to Grantsburg WI. Home of the famous Snowmobile Watercross! Yes you heard right, there in Wisconsin they do things a little differently but if you’re a snowmobiler like I am you can understand the need to take your sled out in the middle of summer on a 88 degree day. After you have put your baby away for the winter any SLEDHEAD would want to take their machine for a summer ride. Maybe not like they do in Wisconsin ,but hey it makes for good entertainment.

If your thinking to yourself right now, how in the do they get a snowmobile to float, or why in the would you want to drive your snowmobile into a pond? Well to answer your question one must really understand snowmobiler, we really are a different bread and if you really love the sport you drive no matter the weather!

I have to say I was skeptical at first, just like the first time I saw Jay Quwinlein back flip a snowmobile. I wonder also just how they could get that heavy thing to float. I have done my share of water skipping so know that it can be one, I just wondered how you could take 5 laps around the pond and not sink?

My son’s were impressed and fit right in at Paul Thackers Trailer.

Check out the video’s below and see for yourself how snowmobile float!

Let me know what you think?

Friday, March 26, 2010

TrollHaugen Hillclimb

Last Sunday we made our way to Dresser, WI for a little snowmobile HiilClimb Fun!

The folks over at WSA Racing  put on a Hillclimb and Hillcross Event.

We arrived and the man at the gate said that the race was just about to start. We made our way up the hill to get the best view.

As I heard the roar of the engines and smelt the magnificent aroma or 110 I started to get excited to see just what this was all about.

The racers made their way to the starting line, lined up, hit that secret little red button –if they are lucky enough to have one and waited in anticipation of the start. With the drop of the flag they were off, and no longer then 30 seconds they were up to the top of the hill.

We stood and watched several races. I was impressed. Not being a stranger to racing, I thought to myself man this could be fun. I was not alone with my thoughts my son had visions of his sled going up the hill also.

They offer several classes where everyone can find a fit. From the Kidcross –like 3 and older to the over 40 and woman’s classes.

They also had a spectator foot race where you could win $100 if you were the first down the hill. Our Brown Headed Step Child-Jerrod, decided that he would enter the contest and was determined to win! And he would have if the guy in the red shirt wouldn’t have dove at the end.

It was a really good time and I highly recommend checking it out for your self. Come and cheer me and my son on at Sprit Mountain in Duluth on the 10th of march. I think we might just give it a try!

For a complete schedule you can visit the WSA website at http://www.pro-ice.com/

In the meantime get outside and enjoy the outdoors!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The 2011 Polaris Snowmobile are here!

This Mom That Rides is excited to let you in on the big news!

The 2011 Polaris Snowmobiles are here. 2011 Polaris Line Up

I just got official email announcing the 2011 Polaris Snowmobile Line Up. My entire family gathered around my computer to see what Polaris had to offer. We were all quite impressed. You ask me now I know that? First no one said a word, second my husband did the happy dance-well he did have to pee and I had to wipe the drool from my mouth.

Polaris also lets you build your own dream machine. What is a girl to do? Go with the old school graphic, my favorite color or the RMK Dream Machine? SO many choices!!!

With options such as the “Performance Package” that offers Premium 50/50 on trail/off trail performance, with Walker Even Clicker Shocks 1.325 cobra track. Or you can customize your sled with what they call the “Deep Snow Performance: that offers 15” x

1 44” x 2” Paddle Track which also offer Walker Even Clicker Shocks. Or you can go totally back country free riding with the RMK Chassis Walker Even Clicker Shocks 15” x 155 x 2.125 paddle track, carbon fiber bumper, Pro-Ride RMK adjustable IFS, Pro Tapper back and so much more......

Needless to say at the price tag starting with t $12,099.00 this momma will have to stick with her current ride.

But a girl can dream….and Polaris if you want a Mom Rider to test drive one of these Bad Boys I will surely take you up on the offer!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Moms that Ride

Hi Everyone! My goal with this Blog is to get mom's that ride a place on the web! I'm a mom that loves to ride snowmobile, 4-wheeler and would love to ride a Harley one day. I'm a mom that enjoys the freedom the sport vehicle's gives you. Weather its on a Snowmobile, 4-wheeler, dirt bike, Harley, side by side or 4 wheel drive. Welcome to MOMS THAT RIDE!